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A Christian’s Perspective on the Decaying of America’s Moral Foundation

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Why I Wrote This Book

Since early-March 2020, like many other Americans, I too was shocked and horrified by the daily deluge of catastrophic events impacting my life, livelihood, family, work, beliefs, and values. My writing journey began the night of March 27, 2020 when the Lord awakened me from a dead sleep at midnight to capture the inspirations rapidly coming to mind. After two hours and twelve pages of journaling, I exhaustively returned to bed.


As the journaling continued over the next few months in capturing my thoughts and prayers of our shared experiences, I realized I had to write this book. The results of these unprecedented events led to me writing about how it appears America has become numb to the plight of America’s minorities, poor, immigrants, and other marginalized groups of Americans. The lack of acceptance, inclusion, and fairness in America is precipitating a feeling of moral decay that has been infiltrating the central aspects of American society, culture, religion, family, and politics for many years.

My goal in writing this book was to help open the eyes of all Americans to the dire circumstances lying ahead for America’s moral values and democracy if we don't take action now. I wanted to make a connection between God’s Word from the Bible to the lessons learned over the past 18 months, with the hope that each reader would take the opportunity to transform their heart, mind, and soul in order to restore America’s moral foundation and save America’s soul.

IF YOU ARE CONCERNED about the path America is on and want to participate in the transformation to a “better America”, you need to read this book.

In 2020, the United States faced an unprecedented combination of crises not experienced over the past five generations.  From the COVID-19 pandemic health crisis, financial meltdown, business closures, school and sport disruptions, racial unrest, political divisiveness, violence, hurricanes, floods, and wildfires, 2020 was the year of the “Perfect Storm”.

As catastrophic as these events were, they were merely the catalyst for identifying the more potent threat to America.  “America’s Other Pandemic” exposes the deadlier plague that has been running amok through American culture and society for decades.  This more invasive, toxic pandemic lying beneath America’s outer veneer is continuing its cultural, societal, political and spiritual deterioration of America’s moral foundation and values.  The challenge is whether the American people have the resolve to stop the impending collapse.

America’s Other Pandemic” brings a stark reality of the fight for America’s soul to the forefront of America’s consciousness.  Jerry employs his strong faith in God and love of America to give the reader a Christian’s perspective on America’s past ills and spiritual insights on the grave impacts to our moral foundation.  By connecting events, cultural and societal norms, with Biblical passages, he encourages the reader to examine and then turn away from past practices with visions for forging a path to restoring America’s moral foundation in a “New America” now and for generations to come. 

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