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The Author

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Jerry is passionate about the state our country is in right now and wants to motivate all Americans to help make America better.


A freelance writer and blogger, Jerry Albritton brings his strong faith in God and love of country to bear in sharing his personal convictions. Jerry completed 22 years of active duty service as an officer in the U.S. Air Force, and worked for 21 more years as a senior program manager with several defense contractors. After retiring, he served as a licensed pastor in the United Methodist Church.


As a man with steadfast trust in the Lord, he brings in-depth knowledge, education, and fundamental beliefs to his writings. Using his two degrees in psychology, he brings a profound understanding of human behavior into his writings that he warmly shares with his readers.


Jerry lives in Kentucky with his wife and their trusted furry companion. When not in his office writing or blogging, he enjoys walking, playing golf, and fishing on the lake. Find more information and Jerry’s blog at “Prayer Box Inspirations” on his website

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