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A thought-provoking discussion from a Christian perspective of the cultural, social, spiritual, political, and racial impacts of the events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, and what author Jerry Albritton calls “America’s Other Pandemic”—a moral decline forced to the surface by events and dramatic changes resulting from today’s racial unrest, nationalist extremist activities, minority oppression, and political divisiveness. He feels these are the key elements causing a significant decay of America’s moral foundation, supporting principles, and values.


In the fight for the soul of America, our current moral values no longer represent the ideals used in the foundation of our country’s principles. This book identifies the need for Divine guidance by offering ways to “think again” about what is important to each American regarding life, livelihood, faith, and how we interact with others, especially those not like us, to differentiate our divergence from God’s perspective, based on Biblical teachings.

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Do you care about your fellow citizens and America’s founding moral principles?
Jesus said that we should love and care for one another, as He loves and cares for each of us.  If so, then:


  • How can we fulfill God’s two greatest commandments if we are in a constant state of political divisiveness with our neighbors?

  • How can America ever become better if we won’t rid ourselves of the bitterness we express towards other people not like us?

  • How can we continue to ignore the plight of America’s poor and minority groups?

  • When will we learn to accept diversity into our places of work, worship, families, neighborhoods, and schools?

  • How long can America withstand the assault on our democratic principles?

Read the God-inspired content of “America’s Other Pandemic” to see how you can be a force for change in America, to make our Nation a better place to live, work, worship, play, and grow in accordance with God’s purposes for each of us.  Give America a chance to enjoy a lasting peace for the soul that comes only from God.


“As a man of faith, I believe that democracy is a political enactment of a spiritual idea.” - Senator (Rev.) Raphael Warnock, maiden speech to the U.S. Senate, March 17, 2021.

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